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Heather’s Bouquet

Chocolate on chocolate…my friend’s favorite.   Heather has been very encouraging in my love for cake pops and wanting to share them with the world. Maybe that has something to do with her love of sweets.  Chocolate in particular.  I created this mini bouquet for her birthday – Chocolate on chocolate, just as she would want.

This bouquet has 9 cake pops, dipped in milk chocolate.  Most of the pops have only one decoration, but are mostly different.  Several are piped with white chocolate in a variety of styles.  Others are lightly sprinkled with jimmies and two are heavily covered in rainbow sugar crystals.  One of them – my personal favorite – is hiding and can barely be seen in this picture, but it was piped with small dots and then pure white nonpareils were sprinkled on it, giving it a look of very tiny blossoms.